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Shane - Superlite (#43)

Parts are ordered

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Ordered from Hamilton Motorcycles

2x Conrod Bolts - 5565115-001
2x Conrod Nuts - 5565116-001
1x Cam chain - 5565469-001
1x Cam chain tensioner - 5565468-001
1x Cam chain tensioner O ring - 5576910-001
1x Clutch inner plate - 5565831-001
1x Clutch spring - 5565827-001
1x Bolt - 5565879-001
1x Crankshaft oil seal - 5869461-001

The part numbers are from the website and are not actual Triumph part numbers.

I was going to order the top end gasket set but at $600 I thought fark that!! We'll just have to make the head gasket and go see the guys at the seal outlets.

I'm told it'll take 3 weeks for the parts to arrive and I'm hoping to make it to a track day in mid December as the shake down ride for the old girl. Hopefully it won't take longer than that or I won't be riding her until next year.

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