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Image Management/Censoring

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The Enhanced Attachment Uploading window (below) greatly improves your ability to manage your porn bike images.

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Any time you upload attachments to posts, blogs, groups, albums or articles, you will see the upload window if you have "Enable Enhanced Attachment Uploading" set to on in your Forum Settings.

From here you can upload new images, drag & drop images from existing folders or just manage your attachments/folders. Folders are created by right clicking on the "Home" folder and entering a folder name. Multiple folders can be created in a multi level directory structure. Folders & images can be moved by dragging and dropping them into other folders.

When uploading, you can choose multiple files by [Ctrl]-clicking on multiple files in the browser window.

R Rated images
Any images containing adult content should be placed in a folder named "pr0n". You can have as many pr0n folders as you like anywhere in the folder tree. This makes the display thumbnail for these images show an "R Rated" logo instead for any user that has Image Censoring set to "Yes" in their forum settings. The image can still be viewed by clicking on the "R Rated" logo thumbnail.

The same can be done for avatars with adult content by clicking the "R Rated" option in the avatar upload page.

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Image Attachments


  1. Matt Bleck's Avatar
    Where do I find the setting to Enable the Enhanced Attachment Uploading, I've looked in the Attachments part of my settings but can't see it there?
  2. SpankMe's Avatar
    In your Forum Settings.
  3. Matt Bleck's Avatar
    cool, got it sorted now thanks Spank!!
  4. SpankMe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Bleck
    cool, got it sorted now thanks Spank!!
    You didn't need to re-upload the images. You can drag & drop existing images/folders to anywhere in the folder tree.
  5. Skyryder's Avatar
    I've lost all my images, avatars do not show, icons etc. Anyway any ideas on how to get them back? If not how do I reset with a new KB ID? I D I'd like to keep my current ID if possible.

    I still have no figured out this R rated thing. I was trying to work it out when a family photo downloaded and I deleted that and in the process deleted all images.

  6. Icetea's Avatar
    how do i set up the picture that goes next to my name on my posts?