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Advertising events and businesses

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Advertising motorcycle events is always free on Kiwi Biker. Just post the event info in the forums and add a calendar event. This allows members to subscribe to the event thread to be kept informed of updates, as well as request an event reminder from the calendar event. If this is a major event and you would like it displayed on the homepage, just contact one of the Admins.

All motorcycle businesses that wish to sell their wares on this site must create a login using their business name then make a request to an Admin or Senior Mod to be added to the Bike Shops group. This gives you the ability to post in the Shop Sales, Info & Discounts forum. This service is free, but with an average of over 2000 posts per day on Kiwi Biker, you may want to consider paid banner advertising to ensure your message is seen by all visitors to the site.

Paid motorcycle business advertising with banner ads or placing your post on the homepage is also available. I can place banner ads anywhere on Kiwi Biker. This post has some examples of banner ad placement. You can email me for price details.

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