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what it means to me

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In all my years of travel ... on these islands, and the rest.
In trains and boats ,and planes ... cars and trucks and vans.
No matter where I went, or when ... one way I loved the best.
The way it was, when I'm in control ... control in my two hands.

And better still, if there could be ... a better way to go at all.
I found it, soon enough ... the way I know you like.
The feeling that I found ... boreing, no not at all.
The way I found, that made me smile ... was on a motorbike.

The bikes I started with ... quite simple, and quite small.
And like the gear I rode in ... no matter, the time of day.
Cheap and thin, and small ... thank god I wasn't tall.
In wind and rain, and sun and fog ... enjoyment all the way.

On each day, that I rode a bike ... I learned a bitter fact.
Friends I meet and greet, and ride with ... to places near and far.
Meet their death, upon those roads ... because of stupid acts.
I learned the sight, I'll never like ... is blood upon the tar.

Over the years the bikes have changed ... for the better, one might say.
The gear I wear keeps changing too ... warm, and waterproof is good.
It still makes me smile, when I come to a stop ... in places that I stay.
Questions that they ask, of why I ride ... they've never understood.

Of the things that keeps me going ... of the things I have to say.
Of the reasons that I do it ... of all the miles I"ve done, so far.
I had a smile ... for each and every mile ... on each and every day.
Each spin of the wheels ... six feet closer ... or six feet farther away.


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