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Morriesons Bar & Cafe Hawera Wedges

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Clive & I headed out of town for a wee mid week tootle with no plans on where to go and we finally ended up in Koupokanui. Go on google it! But before we got there we needed to stop and get some liquid refreshments and some fuel for the body. We had a great "long way" ride to our final destination via Alfredon, KImbolton, Mangaweka, Hunterville, Fordell so we needed something to eat.

Hallelujah Hawera!!!
Finally some wedges that are the way that I feel wedges should be! For the 1st time on this little adventure I got cheese & bacon as well.
This plate is by far the best wedges I have had in ages and it was a nice surprise to find on my ride this week.
Priced at $11.50 these little beasties are the most I have paid and I was shocked a bit by the price. Particulary as it was Hawera and not Wellington CBD.
This place was reccomended to me by a guy at the bottle store across the road from the bar and since we were already there and didnt have to put on our gear again it was the place for us.
This place is off the main street in Hawera opposite The Mill. I cant remember the street name
Service was awesome & the staff were great. I rate these at 8/10. I would have given them a 9 if they were a little cheaper. But I would most certainly have them again next time I am in town, but am more likely to go for the pizza. AWESOME pizzas
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  1. ynot slow's Avatar
    Mate that place is great,steak sammy is great(if they have it still) the atmosphere brilliant,had several owners since the first 2(original owner sold and started Breakers)next ones for 6 or so years.Had a few more since but service is good,as for pizza we made a "kiwi pizza"comprised steak,eggs and onions(kid you not)on regular base,bloody great,but the recipe stayed with 2nd owners or chef lol.

    Hawera is/has several good eateries and imho rivals many other gourmet places.Always good to venture back to the home town and enjoy the bars in summer and outside is great.
  2. p.dath's Avatar
    Man I'm getting hungry looking at the picture just thinking about the wedges!