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Shane - Superlite (#43)

The final burst ... again ...

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Trini was sitting waiting for a part to turn up from the UK because the muppets had lost a spacer in the rear wheel but rode her anyway, stuffing the bearings and seals. So I shot in to see Kat at Hamilton Motorcycles and ordered that along with the front sprocket cover (muppets again). Two and a bit weeks later they turned up so I gave Brent a holler. I shot around and picked him up after we rounded up a few tools .

We shot around to where Trini lives and got into it. First thing to do was take the back wheel off. That wasn't a drama, but we'd forgotten about circlips so we didn't have anything to get the damn things out with. So Brent gave me his keys and I drove back to his place to grab a few circlip pliers. By the time I got back he'd riveted the chain back together, extracted the other bearings and had tidied things up a bit, ready to take the new bearings. Even with the circlip pliers it was bloody hardwork getting the circlips out but eventually we managed it. With those out Brent pulled out a gas torch (wtf did that come from??) and started heating things up. Once they were warm the bearings were gently tapped in, the circlips put back in followed by the new seals and finally the wheel went back into the bike. While he was tapping the bearings in I reassembled the right side footpeg and remounted it. Both brakes would need new fluid but I couldn't be arsed right then and there.

By that time we were definitely hungry and thirsty so it was off to the pub for a Wednesday night special (a burger, plate of chips and a handle of beer for $8.00).

It would've been nice to ride her but without any lights it's usually not a good idea to go out on the road.

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