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Fully serviced, time to ride!

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I often ask mechanics and other 'knowledgable' folk what REALLY happens if you dont service the Ducati at the intervals they reccomend.

So the ST4 was just shy her next valve service, but was running pretty horrid, just felt gutless, sounded rattly (more so than usual) and seemed to be using oil faster than I would have expected for a healthy motor.
Biting the bullet (and extending the overdraft) I booked her in for the BIG one, and lo and behold got informed my valves were all in spec and needed nothing done! ' the hell she running like a pig?' I asked...well seems theyre more delicate than a Jap 4 cyl...sigh

Seems the oil was way past change due,(wtf I do it at 5k!) the oil filter was clogged, the air filter was shot, and a few other 'small' tuning issue's that all combined were causing poor old Sissy my ST4 to run like crap.
Got her back Thursday, and planned a decent ride on Sunday with some mates.

Mykro and his gal Cath came for a bit of a shin-dig on Saturday, as well as a few other KBer buddies and buddy-esses so we had a few bikes in the Bike port (one for cars, one for bikes, DONE!) and once we had settled the morning headaches with a few Panadols we headed norf, as always, over the Hill (I see a repeating theme in this blog, what a Hill that is!)

Stopped at the top for a smoke, had been a slow ride up due to muchus fresh diesel, and a wet, greasy road from overnight rain following an 8 day dry spell.
Kelly was complaining I went too slow, wondered if the ST had actually been serviced at all! I was just aware of those rainbows she couldnt see from the pillion seat.............. but never mind. Shiny side up, who cares what else we held up on the climb!

Out to Hooters for a Tui's BIG breakfast, coffee, and bullshit with the other bikers present as always. Exited via the Gladstone twisties, but shot out right to Masterton after Gladstone as we had to be in Wanganui (no H) by 1pm...and were starting to lose the race!
That being the case, Mykro's 650 got a real workout just keeping the ST in sight and well, I can confirm for sure the service made a HUGE difference, old Sissy was roaring! hummiing along at way over legal speeds in 4th and 5th (no need for 6th out there)
Yep...that service paid off alright!

I cant believe the difference in her delivery, smoothness and overall performance for just some new oil, filters, and a new K&N air filter that can be cleaned as opposed to 'replaced' next service.
Ill never hesitate to spend the coin again thats for sure.

Mykro and Cath waved off at the west end of the Manawatu gorge, and headed home to Levin while Kelly and I turned right at Ashurst and headed to Fielding.
Fielding- Bulls...Wanga's, only 1 hour late! (too many smoke stops, oh well)

Kelly's Nan fed us so well it was an effort to climb back on the bike and get moving again, but we managed.
Stopped at Levin Beach (the little one to north end of the lake........... yes we got lost! LOL) and watched the sun set into the ocean

Another quick smoke, stretch out the cramps, and off we went back to home with no further ado, just smooth fast miles passing under the bikes wheels, purring along at a steady speed and enjoying the feel of the in tune 916 gently tickling our bums through the padding of the touring seat.
Got a bit impatient to get home, so found ourselves doing some silly speeds down SH1 (gasp) but the sherrif on the back adjusted our velocity manually with a few well placed kidney punches at appropriate times, and we made it home ticket/incident free, YAY!

So, 10 hours, touching 700 odd kms with detours, big brekky, huge lunch, 3 tanks of gas and one very cramped up girlfriend.
Light salad, History channel for anasthesia, and it's bloody Monday again.........

What a weekend
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  1. Bald Eagle's Avatar
    Some people have all the fun. Me be a bit green, and a nice looking line up in the 'bike port'
  2. The Pacifier's Avatar
    A few leg cramps were a small price to pay - The Sheriff enjoyed every minute of it!!
  3. duckonin's Avatar
    Great stuff, amazing what a good service can do.
  4. Quasi's Avatar
    Hey Mateys - thanks for Sat. was a nice way to spend an afternoon. gorgeous lineup in the garaage aye.

    we must have been chasing each other on Sunday. I came over the hill , went back, had coffee with a charming young man in Feddy, picked up the ducista sister, did western lake, found a rather HOT guy in Marty (he was just a babe - sent him back home to his mother), did Gladdy twisities, got way laid at Gladdy, went home, washed bike, thought about all the stuff that didnt get done....what the heck!! Always tomorrow....
  5. StoneY's Avatar
    hehehe we saw ya on the Hill Quasi, on ya way to Hutt side. Mykro recognised ya too even tho he only just met ya
    You out cougaring girl>???????? LOL
    Go hard matey, you were bloody near knee down on the tight left you were passing us on, 3 below Muldoons!
  6. Fatt Max's Avatar
    Fucking blinding my man, serciously good shit
  7. caseye's Avatar
    Hey bro, good to see the good times rolling again, take care mate.