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Apes and monkeys

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These bikes are road legal here. How is it in NZ? Do they even exist there?
Like a lot of things here, there seems to be a bunch of people who are absolutely crazy about them, and spend loads of money doing them up. The bodywork on this one is all kinda gold... but it didn't seem in such great shape, making me crawl along behind him waiting to get a shot at the lights.
This is a 'monkey' which is 50cc, you can see how small it is from the angle of the photo, as I sit way up above on my KLX. There is also the Ape which comes in 100cc and is a slightly larger frame. The Ape is a pretty decent mover, and can be fit with some fancy kind of muffler that makes it sound pretty good - many times I have heard one coming down the road and thought wow wonder what that is, then it comes into sight pfft...

I went and changed the ownership on the VFR today, in only 40 minutes! Anyone who has any experience with bureaucracy in Japan knows that 40 minutes is almost a miracle. I had to fill in one of the forms twice which meant buying (yes, you pay for the forms) it twice, and then my name was too long to fit in the little boxes made for Japanese names so I had to buy (yes) another form to fill in the 'overflow'.
When I went to fax the finished papers to the seller of the bike, I remembered that Tuesday is their day off, so I am still no closer to getting my new bike grrr... no doubt most readers of this site can understand my impatience.

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  1. KoroJ's Avatar
    They've got the mini-choppers here...horrible, dangerous little things.