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364 days on ...

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Well tomorrow is the anniversary of the BIKEOI

Many of the forum members at this time last year were heading for Wellington with a firey message for Nick
Its been an interesting 364 days I must say.

BRONZ Wellington opened in the backbencher that day after we shouted Bullshit at TPTB, and I got wiped out drunk at the parrot n Jigger after with much assistance many persons both known and unknown to me.

BRONZ Wellington set a 3 year plan...nailed it in 2 months so set another...and nailed that in 6 months... and set yet another, which with any luck, will be nailed rather sooner we planned!
We now have 58 financial members and support and supply agreements with insurers, dealers, training orgs and a solid line on communications with the government (much thanks to Rick Barker, a founding member of BRONZ Wellington for his wisdom and guidance).

ACC approached us to assis with updating the Ride Forever website, out of which we got invited to assist with the creation of the MSL Governance structure and have a say to ensure the MSL is used as it was intended for.

We held a small motorcycle rally this Saturday just gone (unfortunately it coincided with the WIMA rally) and the 20 or so attendee's had a great time at Camp Kaitoke, after a magical mystery tour of the greater Wellington Region in suspect weather conditions.
Many sore heads in the morning, and a great new location for an new annual event we will be holding every year to remember the largest group ride in NZ, possibly the largest singular convoy of motorcycles to ride together in the proof but cant find any that were larger as yet (and no disrespect to Sturges I doubt they had 6000+ bikes roll as one in its entire history)

So what have we learned?
Bugger all to be honest, we know the Government dont care how loud we holler, and even with Charley Lambs breakdown of the TRUE statistics involved, our cries of foul still fall on deaf ears.

On the personal front, my world has changed so much and so rapidly my head still spins.
Marriage ended, messy circumstances and all it was long overdue, but still what a mess.
Got me a Super Duke, broke my Ducati (yep shes down for a while with starter issues that could be the starter clutch but no money to spend on the freakin thing) and sold then brought back my lovely old GSXR1100 (I missed her too much)
Gave up a good job over stubborn pride, took longer to get hired than I had thought, met a new partner who just rocks my world, been a hell of a journey these last 364 days

Tomorrow I think I will walk down the street (currently working in Molesworth St coincidentally) and have lunch on the lawn of Parliament, and just ponder on what's next.........
Election year.....can we make a difference?

What a year
Shiny side up folks

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  1. The Pacifier's Avatar
    I make that 1 Birthday & 2 anniversaries tomorrow.
    Celebrations here we come!!
  2. Bald Eagle's Avatar
    It has surely been a hell of a year, pre-Bikeoi I didn't even know any short shouty gingas.

    Have a great birthday/anniversary you deserve it.
  3. Maha's Avatar
    So what have we learned?

    We have learned that BRONZ failed to capitalize on all the hard work put into getting thousands of bikes to Wellington and putting the shits up more than one Minister. Those words are from a recent meeting MAG had with an opposition MP.
  4. The_DudE's Avatar
    i have leaned that BRONZ saved me in excess of $300 on my registration, coz im responsible enough to pay it i spose..., i have learned that BRONZ will fight the govt for what we pay and are even invited to submit questions direct to parliament, i have learned BRONZ has organised itself into a federation to give a united voice and strengthen all our submissions, i have learned BRONZ has directly influenced the security of direction for the MSL money that the govt take from us motorcyclists, and the folk i ride with seem to agree...peace out!
  5. The Pacifier's Avatar
    I have learned that being a member of BRONZ has saved me money on gaining my basic handling skills, enabling me to get my class 6 license much cheaper.
    I have learned that being a member of BRONZ has saved me when it comes to insuring my motorcycle and my protective gear.
    I have learned that being a member of BRONZ has saved me money on maintaining my motorcycle with a reduced cost on a mechanical maintenance course.
    I have learned that a group small in number but big on aspirations can achieve goals faster than imagined.
    I have learned that being an ally to other groups (rather than opposing/belittling) with the same focus, can give motorcyclists a much louder voice.
    So, on Wednesday 17th November.....
    Happy Birthday BIKOI
    Happy Birthday BRONZ Wellington
    And on a personal note (as this blog started out as)
    Happy Birthday Stoney.
  6. StoneY's Avatar
    Well funny thing Maha, we seem to have different opions from the 'opposition' MP's we deal with.
    I have at least 5 opposition MP's that say other than your source seems to believe.
    Including the leader of the opposition so, really, I have to disagree with your comment.
    Furthermore, as my blog entry states, we have achieved all we set out to achieve in our first year (Wellington branch that is) and more.
    Thanks for the feedback old pal.

  7. bogan's Avatar
    I've learnt that there was a fuckload of people committed to the betterment of motorcycling in New Zealand, and there still is. The plans of how to do this may have changed and diversified, but that changes nothing, we are still united for a common goal!

    And 364 days ago I learnt that 6000 bikes and even more bikers thundering down to welli makes for one hell of a ride
  8. FatHead's Avatar
    Happy anniversary Bikeoi and Happy birthday Stoney. Plan to move my BRONZ membership to Wellington when it rolls over. Hope you enjoyed your lunch and lookback.

  9. ajturbo's Avatar
    well.... i have learnt that stoney DOES know how to paint... and talk... and talk .. and talk.. and talk.. oh and paint....
  10. StoneY's Avatar
    Nicely said Bogan!
    I agree lets work together and move on as allies, I for one like the idea of MAG and BRONZ joining each others org's as 'associate members' to boost both our profiles.... makes sence to me anyway not sure how anyone else feels.

    Just had lunch with Rick Barker,he rode the Rocket 3 on the stage and gave a firey speech at BIKEOI.
    We have passed on to Rick a list of questions regarding the Levy increases, also about how the data is captured (with advice on what to ask from Dr Lamb) to be put to the ACC minister, and the Transport Minister.
    Rick's also placing a blog entry in Red Alert, the Labour blog site to commemorate the big day as well (with pictures his EA took on the day).

    You know, while there is no huge event every month, or pages of ranting on KB daily from BRONZ, it does not mean we are sitting on our arses doing nothing. Some things simply take time folks.

    And AJ.... lol you forgot how well I EAT!

    Shiny side up out there fellow bikers.
  11. Hawk's Avatar
    hey StoneY have a good day .
    Remember theres an election just round the corner maybe if we unite in this (we can still agree to disagree ) We can make these politicians take notice
  12. nudemetalz's Avatar
    Staggering to think it's already been a year since then.

    I remember meeting Stoney on a subsequent protest ride to Martinborough (both admiring each others Eyetie bikes ).
    Plus I remember it being your 40th on Bikeoi too !!