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Botany Honda Ride to Waingaro

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Saturday 20th November is the third Saturday of the month, and accordingly, Botany Honda’s monthly ride. Pitching up at 1445, not a rider to be seen. A quick check with Richard and it appears it’s him and I. In that case, he can wait, so I head over to the gas station to get some gas.
Upon returning, there is now a big group of bikes waiting… excellent, the trick of leaving and them thinking it’s safe has worked. The plan would be perfect if I was leading them to their demise, but alas, that’s Richard’s job. I volunteer for TEC in usual fashion.

The route is down the motorway to Papakura, then off and through Karaka and Kingseat. Bypassing Pukekohe we headed down to Waingaro stopping at the Waingaro Pub for refreshments. A few left as the minutes passed, and in the end only Richard, myself and a father daughter 2 up were left. I wasn’t quite ready for Huntly, or indeed, even heading north, wanting to put 400km on so the bike could go for another service.

Saying my goodbyes, I headed down Ohautira Rd, aiming for Te Uku and eventually Te Kuiti, giving me the approximately 400km needed. Such is the way with my rides, I never made Te Uku, instead being distracted by Ruakiwi Rd to the west, which I have wanted to explore for a while. Without really realising, this was the west coast which I have also been meaning to explore for a year or two (forgive me, I have a very long list of roads on my list, namely every road in NZ). Ruakiwi Rd went into gravel and taking Mangiti Rd meant I was heading to the coast. Rothery Rd and Te Akau Wharf Rd will need corrections and I carried on north through Te Akau. I figured I was still sorta heading north, so it was towards home, and decided to explore roads as close to the coast as possible.

I found Pukerewa Rd didn’t have a break in it, as per maps and more exploring (Tauranga Rd is really fun, off Neilson Rd). Reaching Port Waikato at 2130 I lucked upon some public toilets (wasn’t looking for them exactly, but they would have been welcome) so a break and a visor swap. Pity the clear visor was doing its best impression of smoked, and despite efforts to clean, it remained somewhat of a smudge and blurred view of the road.

Due to the visor issues I called it a day and headed home, via Tuakau, Buckland and onto the Motorway at the Bombays. Home was reached around 2220.

It ended up being around 330km, so not quite enough, but not a major to have the bike serviced 100km ish early I guess (I'm usually anal about intervals, trying to make them as close as possible, having had some around 10km out).
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  1. gijoe1313's Avatar
    You make it sound so sedate! I'm impressed nothing out of the unusual which is usual for you happened!

    Must get around to doing some of those roads you mentioned, I often wondered where they lead to ... glad you went through them first!
  2. Gremlin's Avatar
    Whats the worst that could happen? Just follow me!
  3. gijoe1313's Avatar
    Wait, whenever either of us says that statement, things ALWAYS happens!