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Short Persons Bike

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Hi there, just realised it's been over a year since I've been on this site! Oops!!

Been riding a Honda VTR 250 for a couple years now...really looking to upgrade. Unfortunately, I'm only 5'2" and my current bike is probably the max height I could comfortably reach the ground on (even now I can't put both of my feet flat on the ground).

I prefer sports bikes...but wouldn't have a clue what bike's are suitable for a midget like me? Anyone out there have any advice??

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  1. boman's Avatar
    Just looking into exactically this problem at the moment. My partner is 5'2" also. And have found the Suzuki Gladius, and the Yamaha XJ6n are a good fit. 785mm seat height. She sat on the Suzuki And was most comfortable. Feet almost flat. Lowering kit Availiable on E-Bay for the bike also. Hope this helps.
  2. Detlev's Avatar
    My wife is 5ft1 and she is riding a triumph Speed 4 with a lowering link .The bike dry weight is 173 kg.