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Anthony Wright

Mean Floods

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My Wife, Son and I are grateful to be alive.
On Tuesday were missed our flight out on Brisbane, i ride with and was quite keen to bring the crew over to Brisbane.
We would of done some riding with the Tribe of Judah a christian bike group in Kingston, Brisbane.
If we did come we would stay at these guys dont only have a great bike museum but also have biking groups staying on site.
Anyway those dreams quickly disappeared as we awoke on tuesday morning to the rain absolutely teaming down like i have never seen before.
My mother in law was yelling at me to get inside as lighting was striking everywhere, i have never heard thunder so loud.
The road was quickly covered and became a river, the causeway next to the house became a raging river.
The Bridge up our road over a faint stream was violently washed away,it was a nightmare.
We had just seen on the news how our neibours in Toowoomba got dealt too, and i wasnt a happy camper.
I ripped the wheels of my motherinlaws ride on and removed her spare wheel from her ford.
Arthur her 70 yr old one legged byfriend gave me several of his belts and i tied these to the tyres.
McIVOR at work, well at least the family could have closure, if they found our bodies tied to these tyres.
The mother inlaws raised house was totally surrounded by water, when the rain stopped.
Just a few km away families were rescued from their rooftops,a 4 yr old gifl was sweeped away as rescuers failed to rescue her.
Her Mother was saved from the ordeal, but her daughter drowned.
In TOTAL 12 People have been confirmed as dead, 50 are sill missing.
Brisbane is right now in total choas.
I dont know how long i will be stuck here as many of the roads are under water, and bridges are down.
I am soooo glad i got a very cool RIDE in to cementy circuit before i left, as it maybe sometime before i get back on my bike.

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