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Picture Of The Month

Rating: 3 votes, 4.00 average.
How do I submit a picture?
Pictures need to be in a publicly accessible album. Go to full image view for the submit picture to POTM link.
You can submit up to 3 images.
If you have changed album privacy settings in Settings -> Profile Privacy to anything other than "Everyone" or "Registered members", you pictures will not be seen.

What type of pictures can I submit?
The picture must be motorbike related in some way.
You must have taken the photo yourself, or have permission from the image owner.
Images can not be edited.
No nudity allowed. Sexy bikini girlies very ok

How can I view/remove the pictures I have submitted?
From the Community -> My Albums link you can view or remove pictures you have submitted.

What happens if I delete a submitted picture from my album/s?
The picture will be completely removed from POTM, even if it has won.

How do I vote for POTM?
The POTW page shows all pictures submitted. From there you can pick your 1st (3 points), 2nd (2 points) and 3rd (1 point) favorite pictures from the 1 2 3 numbered links below each image. You can change your vote/s at anytime.

How/when is POTM winner picked?
At the end of the month, the picture with the most points, then total votes, then submitted earliest, will be posted on the homepage as that months winner. All other pictures keep their votes, so it is possible for a picture to accumulate votes over many weeks.

How long will my pictures stay in POTM.
Haven't decided upon this yet. I will see how things go before looking at removing old pictures with little or no votes from POTM.

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