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Babes and Bikes

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Babes and Bikes...

well, sort of of.

This blog explores what the childfree lifestyle and small bike riders have in common.

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  1. Gremlin's Avatar
    Horses for course I think. As you say, if you're commuting a lot, then a small bike is the way to go (although I can't comment too much, as I use a CB900). Would depend if you have to constantly use the motorway however, if the small bike can't do 100kph and keep up with traffic.

    I wouldn't enjoy long distances on a 100cc odd bike however. Mid January to Mid October the BMW has done 26,500km, and I've only had it in my possession for 4 of those 9 months. I think it also depends what you have ridden. I do often say to learners to not spend big dollars on small bikes and wait until you have your full. If you've only ridden small bikes, then perhaps (in my opinion anyway) you don't know what you're missing (besides the increased gas usage and tyres disappearing in a matter of months or less). I've ridden pretty much everything between 50cc and 1800cc, but still prefer something around 1L, being 6'3, 100kg.
  2. Hanne's Avatar
    Of course different bikes are good for different purposes ans I agree, motorway/ open road commutes on a 100cc are not ideal. There are situations where they are awesome though and I guess my main point is that they are - and should be seen as - a valid choice. I know several people who have swapped big for little (CBR1000 for a ct110 is the most extreme example) for various reasons, and the negative reaction has been way out of proportion because that is not what people are 'supposed 'to do, ever.
  3. Gremlin's Avatar
    Well, in that case, from that position, no-one should be thinking they can dictate to anyone, what they can ride... Advice, if the person wants it, would be fine of course...

    As I said to the group of Harley riders when travelling the USA (during some good natured ribbing) the world would be a boring place if everyone rode the same bike.

    But seriously... BMWs are the best... best you buy one