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Don't ya hate selling a bike you love?
Even if for the right reasons......... you still hate to part with em.
I hated parting with my SS750, but it was useless two-up.
I hated parting with the 600F I traded on my GSXR but ... I had to.
Now I am selling my Super Duke, because face it, it is way surplus to requirements.
Had a lot of fun on it though! As has Kelly and the kids when I have taken any of them out on it. And the wheelies....oh the wheelies.

Got the old GSXR to fall back on, and that's all the bike a man needs.
Due some tyre's and a finish paint job, she's all welded up and ready to get WOF'd up and ready to roll again. Minor details.

So, I am also gonna hate parting with the ST4 too, but hell in that case I am way over the servicing costs. A silver lining.... or a dark cloud? (bit of both really)......

18 months I will sit on the Gixxer, take my time, and think about the next ride.
Finding the new 1050GT triumph to look appealing....maybe one will be available second hand when I start looking again for a new, late model bike.

Kelly still has Casper (her 250) and he is a perfect miniature of my 1100 with dual headlight full fairing and that will keep us happy for a while while she graduated through R and onto F class.

Meantime, goodbye to my two European beauties, it has been fun. The insane speeds the ST4 could do (seriously if you're in 6th gear your likely in disqualification country ffs!) to the pure torque of the KTM lifting your front wheel out of near every corner (or straight LOL) those two bikes have been a pleasure to own...but its time to reduce the fleet to a manageable size and face reality.

Not to mention the wedding I gotta save for............


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  1. 1998gsxr's Avatar
    why,wouldnt your bike come first,or am i just a nutter
  2. StoneY's Avatar
    I can see your reasoning...but the gixxer feels too cold at night when I take it to bed..........
  3. p.dath's Avatar
    Mate, your getting married again. Congratulations.

    You certainly have a lot of ups and downs in your life. Hopefully things will be more straightforward and enjoyable for a while now.
  4. StoneY's Avatar
    Thanks Phil.
    You know...sometimes we do get it right.....