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Roadrage with Skidmark

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You wake up and think its a lovely sunny summers day. Great lets go for a ride, hmm who to go with not much of a choice as I didnt really know many bikers. I arranged to meet Phoenix, and Skidmark *(didnt know what his reputation was like on KB at that point as I was a newbie)*

We left Akl and the destination was Kaiaua. Both them were on ZXR 250s and I was on my ZX6R. Great I had the upper hand and power hahaha!
Anyway, Mark left me for dust, as I didnt know the roads, and was still getting used to my bike. Phoenix, well he was tail end charlie by a good few kms! plus more.

Both Mark and I got to an interstection, and waited for quite some time for Phoenix to catch up. It was late afternoon, the sun dappled on our gear and bikes, between the trees which was nice and refreshing. Then it was on, we left, Mark was close behind me, I couldnt get rid of him.

He over took me approaching a sharp 35ish corner. It was a dangerous overtake but I held my line. The adrenline kicked in. I cautioned myself, slowed down for the innocent road ahead. Then there in front of me was a bike shooting past, around 70km and went straight!

There was a sliding noise of a nice bike and evil Mark, clouds of dust everywhere. I took the corner and glided to a safe stop. Putting down the stand on my bike I fell off after that, I was laughing so hard! I ran back up the hill to check the bike. Thought to myself it can still be ridden so thats ok, as for Mark apart from a broken ego, he was attacking the roadsign.

He was lucky he wasnt going faster because there was a steep drop not far from where he slid to a stop. Im glad he was ok.

Where was Phoenix during all this? well he eventually caught up.

Lesson for the day: You decide

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