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Forgotten world Highway and a lap of Lake Taupo

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A race meeting in Taupo, a favourable forecast, and the forgotten world highway. Sounded like a plan; what could go wrong?

Off I went towards Stratford on my wee-strom under a cloud filled overcast morning, filled up with unleaded and headed onto SH43 aka The Forgotten World Highway. Open sweepers lead on to tighter turns before hitting the first of the 3 saddles this side of Whangamomona. Too soon it seemed, I was passing the hotel and heading out to to Tahoma saddle. I managed to pass a campervan to be clear for the saddle before stopping for a 100 sheep being moved along the road. Despite moving off the road and turning off the engine the sheep would not budge past me, maybe my high vis jacket was spooking them. Cue the big barky black dog to drive them on whilst the 3 quiet dogs just climbed up on the back of the farm bike for a ride.
So on to the next saddle and some more tight twisties and steep slopes, and down to the next animal obstacle. On the approach to Tahoma there were a dozen turkeys in the road, with 4 males having a major face off in the middle. Despite using the horn and riding right up to them 2 remained locked in wattle combat. A gentle easing with the right boot and I was on my way. With Christmas around the corner you’d have thought they’d be more careful.

So on to the tunnel, full beam on to get a nice halo as I rode through, and on to 12kms of gravel road. Last time I rode this road on an RSVR I ripped my tyre open, but this time was a breeze, The road was almost as flat and clean as the tarmac I’d been driving on and soon I was over it and on the open sweeping roads towards Taumaranui, where the sun was shining. A quick maccers stop and directions from a local and away I went. Out towards Turangi and then turning off towards Tokaroa I hit the rain that stayed with me all day. The road was mostly straight and was good for munching the miles before turning towards Taupo and heading to the racetrack.

I arrived just after the lunch break to see lots of thrills and spills at the track. Sloan Frost dicing with 2 kawasakis in the BEARS/F2 was the highlight for me. Sadly too many spills causing red flags messed the programme up so I left as they were calling the 600cc and under scratch race.

The home trip took me down SH1 before heading back across to Taumaranui and back to the forgotten world highway. Rain, followed by showers, by a few minutes break; rinse and repeat.

So 600kms and watching some cool racing in the rain…what a great day…if only the weather had been better.
Still I got to test out the bike on a long run, and the jacket and trousers. Have to say that the bike was fantastic for being on all day, just a bit of lower back ache at the very end of the day. The jacket and trousers was waterproof except for one problem. The water managed to force itself under the front of the jacket and down into the trousers. So bone dry shoulders down to the belly button, a soaking wet crotch, and toastie dry toes.

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