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Fitting LEDs and Zumo 660 (26/05/2012)

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After what can only be described as the ultimate procrastination I finally got around to installing the replacement LED strips on my BMW.

GiJoe and I had tried to fit them last year and ended up with blown/broken LEDs all round. We presumed somehow the controller failed so I had to order new strips. They arrived earlier in the year but I had been doing other things so they sat waiting.

Of course such an install requires some extra spannering hands, so off to GiJoe again (he’s a real sucker for punishment) and we set about stripping the arse end of bike and tapping into the existing wires where we had left the posi-taps from last time. I’d decided I didn’t really want flashing red indicators, as being American, the indicators were red (but other kits are orange – go figure). This time there was no repeat of broken shiny things, and we were puzzled why this worked flawlessly and the others didn’t.

Back together we tested throughout and the result was good… besides one strip that had remained installed, now had a few dead LEDs, despite having had no use since last year. I simply give up on that one in disgust… at least it works in the majority!

Somehow GiJoe had run out of zip ties (I have no idea how ) so a quick trip down the road to Repco for more zip ties, I even kindly donated them to his resources… I’ll probably use some on the next install anyway.

Next was a new GPS. The old Zumo 550 had done 97,000km and the screen was looking sad. I’d ordered a replacement screen (still yet to fit) but then a fantastic price came up on the 660 buying the Zumo 660 plus accessories plus fast memory card for $666. Can’t even buy at that price from overseas so bugger it, I bought it. I’d read online that thanks to feedback it’s one of a few GPS that supports Off Road Tracks as well, perfect for my adventure riding.

The 660 has a completely different wiring harness to the 550 so once again the tank had to come off. I documented the tank removal process this time as someone from AdvRider had asked for it. We located the 550 wiring, removed it from the bundle and added the 660 wiring harness. Tested briefly to make sure it worked and success! The day was going surprisingly smoothly…

We had some time up our sleeves and I’d bought more Touratech parts so we added the hard part steering stop on the front and fiddled the fuel line protectors into place as well. The jobs were a little easier with the large tank removed so why not take advantage of it?

From there we re-assembled, GiJoe scaring me in the process as we lost track of 1, no, 2 screws, then found one, then had them all and then lost one again. Somehow, we ended up with all the screws back in the fairings as required, but it was nerve wracking for a little while…

No mishaps today, long may it last!
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  1. BMWST?'s Avatar
    not tempted by a montana?
  2. Gremlin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BMWST?
    not tempted by a montana?
    Was tempted, but it falls down badly when I want music playing and a couple of other things I can't remember. Tis a nice device, but mine has several functions, not just GPS. The montana looks very good for off road stuff, but the Zumo 660 has some functionality which suffices for me. I think I compared side by side, and once I found a few deal killers, abandoned the idea.

    I have thought recently I could perhaps have 2 GPS.
  3. gijoe1313's Avatar
    I'm getting traumatic flashbacks from this!