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Clutch replacment

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hello been awhile no am still working on the bike its up to wof/ standred

The body fairings look horrible as ever but determinded i get replacment parts once i get the money

And b find somone that can make them . i got guy in germany but that like grand for everthing.

Okay am not perosn that likes things when know there not the best so after noticed ever since been ridding

the bike the clutch didnt seem 100% , it changes gears fine smoth just didnt seem to hook up like it did

So anyways i rode it on open road when hit 8 thousand rpm notiched on full trottle clutch whould slip.

SO needed new chain i thought about and yeah i chould leave it but nah i know it save me money

And cant really afford it but no so i ordered set ebc heavy duty clutch plates , and spings, i read where new

Steel clutch bands be good too ,but i left that , well ordered gasket for clutch cover also.

Taken cover of tonight and found plates where worn down, mind you from new there only like 4 mm of

thinkness , bike done 47,000 miles so guess thats not to bad ,the spings where bit heated and seem be

alot less tension than replacments , so seems was good move whet i spent so far.

I found good video on ebay for vfr 750 so after watching that was happy to give it a go

I but the new plates in tommrow got them soaking in some new oil overnight

I also had 2 replace the seals in the master cylinder of the clutch , well guy manawatu motorcyels did that

for me thanks dude.

bleeding the clutch was trail and error seems air can get traped in the banjo bolt where bolts to the

resvior so case undo it slighty and letting air out . then going back , pumping lever then letitng of the

10mm bolt down on the slave cylinder , i brought just piece plastic tube from mitre 10 only like 60 cents

Better than 10 bucks for bleed kit and just use glass jam jar and punch hole in the lid feed the plastic tube

through , am bit stuck with the chain i brought did x ring chain but got either to buy chain riverter

tool or get some understaning bike shop to do for me . i rather do myself but dont think cost of buying on

is worth it as am only going use it once. in mean time i hold of as i should get new sprockets

I was like no am not going listen to people saying buy new sprokets but yeah i will .
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  1. splatcat's Avatar
    this may or may not be useful information but had slipping clutch on old honda 500/4 did clutch plates ,springs ,basket and it still slipped ,finally someone asked what type of oil was i using seems some clutchs dont like 20w/50/semi syn so went back to 10w/40 mineral oil and never looked back .cheers