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Stink Racing


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I finally got an opportunity to get the 400 on the Dyno. As it was days after a two day race meeting I wasn't really ready. The bike was though. So, with a sore throat, aching ears and head, I loaded the bike, toolbox and laptop into the van and headed to the Dyno.

Rich had first go with his Bucket setting up a base run. I watched his HP figures and secretly hoped the 400 would at least get the same figure...

Rolled the ZXRD onto the Dyno and kicked it into life. Well, kicked it over for a while anyway. Rolled it off and tried to find the issue. No broken wires, no disconnects. Plug in the laptop and check the Ignitech. No Connection it said. Check the battery. Flat. It went from 14volts to flat in one week. While switched off.

Oh well. That was a shit.

PS: The week got worse after that.

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