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First Run

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I took the bike to the Vic Club Track Day to have a go at tuning it. Static tuning seemed pretty good. Idled well and reved cleanly etc. Not that it means much in the real world.
Anyway, first session I well out fairly cautious as I didn't know how anything was going to interact.
A big of bogging at lower revs exiting turn 1 that dipping the clutch took care of and away she went though turn 2 and into splash. I now had three things to sort.
1. the fuelling (bogging)
2. the brakes (too soft)
3. the gearing.
It was tall and very close ratio. I went up four gears in turn 2! The bike was pulling quite well. Going down the back straight I decided things weren't as good as they first seemed and coming onto the front straight it started to miss a bit.
Clutch in and hand up I pulled into the infield.

On checking the plugs it looked to be VERY lean. So the 260's came out and some borrowed (drilled) jets went in. The should have been 350 matches. Session 2 saw me get as far as turn 4 (nearly). The bike would not clear it's throat no matter what. VERY rich this time.

Next we (Myself, Jason Lincoln and Andy McDonald) tried some 300 jets and it would respond either. We blocked the power jet with a similar result. rechecked everything and replaced a missing retainer washer under the main jet. With the bike sounding better I took to the track again. The run down pit lane did not bode well... Full throttle and nothing was happening. Clutch in and rev it - good. Onto the track and it dropped a plug.

So; session 1 = 1 lap, session 2 = 0.5 lap, session = .25 lap. Total 1.75 laps. I decided I shouldn't try anymore. Andy suggested the carbs weren't a good match to the bike so I'm on the hunt for the right carbs now.

I now have the hugger and tailpiece for the bike too. It's getting there slowly and it's still on track for the Pacific Clubs Summer Series.

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