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Race Debut... or not.

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The Race debut of the ZXRD400 didn't happen.
Something is not right with the tuning and I'm going to do a bit of testing once the damage is repaired.
Oh yes, the damage…
Practice Day. First session it was very rich so I went from the 220mj to the 210mj. I only did an 'out lap' and an 'in lap' (so one full lap and some).
Second session. 'Out lap' it felt better straight away but I decided to come in to check it over. It had other ideas and it seized on me going into Higgins. I was changing down three going in (gearing is not right and the temporary chambers are dragging everywhere). The first down change was fine, second one didn't feel right and the third one was a lockup.
Remove the heads and the piston tops look fine. Push them down to BDC and I have buildup in four corners of the barrel on the left barrel. Remove the headers and left piston has a score up the front.
Lift the barrel (it won't quite come off in the bike) and the piston is scored badly in four corners and one up the front all on the lower portion of the piston. No damage at the ring area.
So; the engine is coming out and going off to Pete Sales for repair. At least one piston required ($193) and we'll see what other expenses there are. At the moment Round 2 is looking very dubious and the cash box is nearly empty.
But at least I had fun and in talking to a few people (and a lucky comment to Paul King) has lead to many improvements and greater knowledge of what I've doing.

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  1. Mental Trousers's Avatar
    Ratshit. Hope you do make it to Round 2 cos I'll be there and I love checking out all these specials.
  2. Skunk's Avatar
    We've already sold the freezer and downgraded the fridge. I'm about $500 short so I'm hoping for a lotto win.
  3. Skunk's Avatar
    I don't think it was in this case. I think it was a good combination of things including stupidity (wrong gas); but not lack of warm up.
    Won't make any more rounds. Haven't heard if I can get a refund yet...