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Central Plateau Scooter Ride.

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Two of us rode down from Te Awamutu to Wanganui for the Central Plateau scooter challenge on the Friday. Met up with a group from Port Waikato and Auckland at Taumarunui who were riding their 50's down for the run. They were going via the Wanganui river road so Barbara and I carried on over the Parapara's. We never went past a green paddock anywhere. The country sure needs rain.

We had a billet arranged for the night and next morning made our way to Trafalger square. A lot of comic characters and dressed up riders there to give a neat atmosphere to the event.

Riding in a procession takes a bit of getting used to. A number of stops to re group gave us a chance to chat with riders of other makes and compare impressions of the scooters. Some 50's get along well ( and some not so well ). Superman was riding a Lifan 50, which was on a par with the old nifty fifty when a hill came in sight. Full credit to them tho' they persevered and made it all the way.

The 'Hardly a Harley' riders were a great group. All decked out in orange hats and trimmings, they really stood out and enjoyed themselves.

One chap that did bloody well was a Maori gentleman from Wanganui. 86 years old, he rode his Vespa 50 all the way. After a night in Taupo, he was going to continue across to New Plymouth then back to Wanganui. I hope the rain that is falling today (sunday) doesn't give him any problems.

We didn't stay for the prize giving at the Taupo RSA as we still had a long haul back to Te A and the heavy clouds suggested rain wasn't too far off. Barbara had a sore shoulder and eyes, and at 72years old didn't fancy riding in the dark and rain. Nightfall caught us about 40 minutes out from home. The rain stayed away.

Terena Currey ( and her mom and dad ), have done a wonderfull job of organising this event. Someone said they weren't sure if Terena was going to be able to arrainge another charity ride. If that's the case, then thank you Terena for the effort you have put into this cause. This world needs more people like you.

An event like this brings people together. A lot has been written about the idiots on scooters wearing no safety gear apart from helmets. On this ride, almost all had the full protective gear on.

I covered 740 k's all up over two days, and Buggsy never missed a beat. Long hills slowed us down a bit but I wouldn't have any hesitation in touring on my scooter. The scooter seat gave me one of the best full days riding of any bike I've owned.

The photos below are of Rons 'custom ' Piaggio 50, the Paraparas, Buggsy in the Raetihi CBD, two stops on the run.
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  1. BAD DAD's Avatar
    That's quite an epic ride on a scooter. I might have to stick that on the bucket list.
  2. IanGt750's Avatar
    I hope the "billit" was the Hilton. Doing those Km's on 50cc, you deserve it. Sounded like you had fun though.