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thompsons and grundys track

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hey guys this is my first blog so it may be a bit confusing anyway what i would like o know is where is thompsons track and grundys track in the wellington region a map would be extremely helpful and also we dont have any road legal bikes so we will have to park close to each track and is there any farmers or private lands that have to be crossed to get to these if so does anyone hav there phonenumber we are not the type of go out and destroy the land type we just go for a nice casual trail ride (we are not looking at doing anything illegal to get to these) cheers for any help guys can anyone with info please email

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  1. Gremlin's Avatar
    Blogs aren't for posting questions. Best you ask in one of the appropriate forums, either:

    Adventure Bikes:
    Off Road:
  2. pete376403's Avatar

    It was quite a ride, goes across a private shooting range among other things.
    Updated 9th August 2013 at 20:23 by pete376403 (added a bit)