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Big thank you to nudemetalz

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NM came over this afternoon and we dismantled the front end.

Everything came apart OKish and there were only a couple of things that ended up burred due to age and corrosion.

The fork seals were indescribable. Even the circlips were corroded and the fork "oil" was a light grey coloured mud. There was also significantly more than 150mls per fork leg too, more like 400mls per fork leg. The dust seals had turned to concrete as well and looked like someone had tried to butcher them at some point.

The steering head "bearings" - well um what can one say. The lower bearing's case collapsed during removal. The top one still had the factory grease and it had literally turned to rubber.

Off to Scroederco tomorrow to get steering head bearings, and a bottom fork allen bolt (the internal one) that that rounded off during the removal.

Oddly the wheel bearings were good.

Here's some photos of stuff boxed up to go out the door and a bike precariously balanced on a jack and some concrete and wooden blocks.
Managed to get most of the petrol out of the tank and into a container so I can use it again. Drained the carbs too.

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  1. xwhatsit's Avatar
    How'd you find getting the damper retaining bolts out (the things on the bottom that you rounded)? What was the technique you used to stop them from spinning around and not undoing? I keep hearing people recommending rattle guns and stuffing dowls down the top to hold the other end in place.
  2. nudemetalz's Avatar
    .....and 2 months down the road, # 2 project with some "slightly modified" front end work to be done again. You'll be a total expert on forks soon, Jim....