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iPhone app launched

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It is with great pride that I can announce that we now have a Dave Moss Tuning phone app. It has been developed over the last few months with an enormous amount of work by several people to get the app to this stage. This is just the start, and over the next several months, content will be added on almost a daily basis and then weekly thereafter for years to come.

It will really help further my mission in helping riders all over the world in our sport, creating more safety through understanding, better set up motorcycles that respond much more positively in a crisis situation and ultimately save lives on a daily basis (which is why I started my journey in the first place). You can be an integral part of that mission by sharing this news..

The app features text, podcast and video instantly on demand.

You need to have an iTunes account to view the app, so please follow this link (Android app will follow due course):

I sincerely appreciate your support and I am very grateful for it!
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