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Road State Highway 22 today out to Glen Murry, and alot of the back roads behind Huntly. Nice twisties, 22 is a bit rough past Nike I found.

The day started after lunch ( I'm a night owl), the wind was up by then, not so great on a 250 dual sport (tall and light). About 10 mins in I was greated on Waring rd by an utter kunt who had already cut the corner ahead of me, then swerved at me just as I was pasing him... He got the Kiwibiker wave; didn't give chase to get his rego, he'll be local so I'll probably see him the the Gas station, words will be exhanged and I'll give his plate to the Cops incase he atually hits someone.

I had a Bee in my bonnet about the car wanker... Then I literally got a Bee in my bonnet, came in under my chin then sat next to me eye.

Picked up the Waikato tag and headded to Nikau Caves. Had a stop there and tried to find the Caves on a bush walk... I wasn't in the right place and tramped around in my MX boots & knee/shin pads for nothing (well it was a nice walk but not in that gear. Found out you have to go on a guided tour for the caves.

At least there is the Cafe there (couches too) so could cool down with a ginger beer and get some energy from a nice Latte for the ride home.

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