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Qkkid does his first Pillion

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Its been a while in the making......

Every single time we have had to or decided to 2-up, I have always been the rider in control. However a milestone happened on Friday night, where I grit my teeth and let Qkkid take the reigns.

To be honest I really enjoyed being a pillion! He did a great job, only a couple of small jabs in the ribs to remind him I'm on the back. To tell the truth it was the first time for me on the back seat of a sports bike looking well over the riders head. The only other time was with my Dad on the back of his K100 BMW but they only have a one-piece (one level) seat with huge handgrips on the sides. I really noticed the height difference and the first instinct was to put my feet down at the first set of lights. Another thing I noticed was the feeling of 'flying off the back' but this disappears after a hour or so and you can sit there and just use your feet on the pegs to control your weight balance. But I'd be damned if I could find anything on the bike to hold onto physically. The bike doesn't have luggage bars or factory fitted handgrips (unlike the earlier bikes like the GPZ/GPX, CBRF2, GSXRF etc..) thankfully Qkkid has had a Ventura Rack fitted and I found leverage from holding to the lugs. I think a small investment of $30-50 for a pillion bar that clips into the rack system would be money well spent and have ask for a quote for one on the ZX10R.

So when are we going to do the Coro Loop 2-up hun?

As for 2-up on the R1? Even tho it is handles a wee bit better than the ZX10R the seating position was designed for a 4" Japanese lady......... Can you imagine sitting on a seat the size of a phone book with your knees up close to your ears?

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  1. thomasgrantnice's Avatar
    Nothing beats being a pillion! I totally understand. Man all these stuff drives me crazy. I think to be better you need to control that adrenalin rush, I learned to control that through Dahn Yoga. It worked for some days, and then it came back again!