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Home adv ride

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Nice day and I had little else to do, so I thought I'd do a bit of adv.

Forgot to turn on the tracking thingy so you'll just have to use a map and provided road names If you want to try these roads... They link up pretty easy and were quite bloodly good not far from Hamilton or even Auckland, haven't seen anyone else mentioning them

Started the adv from Story road off Tahuna rd, some nice twisty seal in this area thats worth riding too. First 'good' road was Matahuru rd; nice twisty seal soon turns to gravel with just the right amount of sweepers and tight corners:

^^Would be nice if it was "No cars.." too

You come out on to SH27... I headed North to North rd... Not a bad little rd; was very considerate to a guy riding a Horse. From there up to Okaeria rd where I planed to do some riding in Maramarua Forest, no luck; all gates closed... always? Every forest I've been to lately is shut off.

Headed South to Matahuru rd/ vally. Cool road, leads to the start/ end of Hapuakohe walkway (never knew it existed, looks good)

^ Doesn't say no bikes....

South futher to Tahuna rd again, then on to Waiti rd (favorite of thr day) this ones tight and windey gravel then opens up to an awesome view out over the Hauraki Plains.

From there along Old Hill Road... Twisty one lane seal... got a bit carried away here, started 'backing it in' to corners Motard style fun; watch out for the locals who love to cut corners...

Then to Tahuna and Quine rd, more twisties to get carried away with.

Then home James... 200ks and an empty tank.

Was good to get out and explore more of the area near where I grew up, I was surprised I hadn't done all these in the car growing up.

Think this report is long? Wait till I do some real epic shit....

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  1. shafty's Avatar
    Good write up Mate, excellent panoramas too
  2. oneblackflag's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by shafty
    Good write up Mate, excellent panoramas too
    Thanks mate