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Sad times

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Today we mourn the passing of a well known, but often misunderstood, old friend. His name... COMMON SENSE !!!! He has been with us for many years. Nobody knows for sure, as his personal records were lost long ago, in bureaucratic red tape.
He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as getting off your bike AFTER you stop. NOT BEFORE. And speed doesn't kill... stupid mistakes DO !!!
Common sense lived by simple, but sound, financial policies (dont spend MORE than YOU earn), and reliable parenting strategies (ADULTS, not children, in charge)
His health deteriorated rapidly, when well intentioned, but overbearing regulations, were set in place in law.
Reports of motorcyclists being charged with exceeding the posted speed limit (115 kmh in a 100kmh zone) on the basis of ... the faster you go....the bigger the mess.
A.C.C. policy of ALL accidents, involving "motorcycles" (2, or 4 wheels, registered or UNregistered), be included in THEIR statistics. BUT charge fees added, where they can be sure they WILL be paid (REGISTRATION OF LICENSED MOTORCYCLES).
It declined even further, when MOTORCYCLE buyers are restricted in engine capacity on a learners / restricted liciense, but CAR buyers have UNLIMITED horsepower available (should they WANT /CAN AFFORD it)
Three months in the slammer gets $20,000 fines WIPED. But 100 kmh in a 50 kmh zone, at three o'clock in the morning, with only the cop, and the odd cat for company, gets YOU walking for (at least) three months.
Innocent 'till PROVEN guilty, got replaced with, in the WRONG place, at the WRONG time.
Common sense FINALLY gave up the will to continue, after an increase in "gravel rash" injurys occured over summer, due to it being TOO HOT to wear the full riding clobber. Shorts, T.shirt and shorts is cool at highway speeds (I'M TOO GOOD A RIDER TO HAVE AN OFF, AND I'M NOT GOING THAT FAR). No fault ACC policy (No matter who is at fault in the "accident", they still give YOU money), did not help his dispair. Responsibility for your OWN actions, WAS Common sense's basic instinct.
Common sense was PRECEDED in death by his parents TRUTH and TRUST. His wife DISCRETION, and his son REASON. His daughter HONESTY died at an early age.
He is survived by his three brothers, I KNOW MY RIGHTS, I'M A WINGER, and I'm A VICTIM.
Not many attended his funeral, as so FEW realised he was gone.
IF YOU STILL REMEMBER HIM, pass this on. IF NOT... Join the majority AND DO NOTHING.

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  1. Jaxfree2b's Avatar
    My condolences at this loss!...... not sure what to say, I read it and enjoyed doing so
  2. zealchick's Avatar
    Mu condolences too!....well written :-)
  3. Blackflagged's Avatar
    Sense is not as common as they make out
  4. Blackflagged's Avatar
    Whops some how i double commented, so i changed this one to!....
    Well i guess it sorta proves my first comment.