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Ah.....The Mini

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A bit of a different week this week. I went to the Osteo' for my regular 'grease & oil', attended the Cruisy Wednesday night ride over to the Royal and back, then had some whanau turn-up Thursday night and Friday for the 7's and Wiremu's (step-son) 21st.

The weekend was spent watching a bit of 7's on TV, entertaining over the bar-b-que and a few beers, then washing the car and bike down on Sunday before going for a wee ride to visit an uncle and finished off with a pootle over 'the hill'.

It was a great day and still 25 at around 1800 as I came back into Wellington and finished it off with a bit of investigating availability of ferries and accommodation as I am reconsidering whether or not to do the 'Mini's Return' in March. I'll have to make a decision and bookings this week if I decide to go ahead.

To ride, or not to ride......that is the conundrum!!

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  1. nzhind's Avatar
    It's always - Ride! My colleagues at Marcus Evans, are so crazy about bikes that they have lunch on them. Sheeesh!