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The ZXRD400 has been to Ruapuna, Taupo and Manfeild with various 'success' values.

Ruapuna was its first Race meeting and a lot was done on the Friday test day to get it working. Much thanks to Bert, Crazyman and the other GPR boys and Leigh for the running around. Chenged the brakes, forks settings and other stuff. Overall it seemed to go OK.

Taupo was the next Race meeting. This wasn't sp good as the slower corners showed a serious part throttle issue. Also the bike vibrated quite a few bits into a broken state. Not unexpected...

Manfeild was the next outing after some mods and 6 hours on a dyno. Power and smoothness both improved greatly. Unfortunately a head gasket decided it had had enough.

So, 'O'-ringing the head and a couple of other bits to be done and we will be on the track again.
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