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The Excellent Adventures of.. Trudes

Pamela the Bucket

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Well, Pammy has had a second run at the track and is being prepared for her third next weekend. I've been very impressed and happy with how she's been going and we've been getting faster together. There were a few things that needed some attention however.
She now has much needed new to her forks and clip on handlebars which make her look real fast!!! (and hopefully not bottom out under braking!) Spent the day making a mount for a different brake caliper to fit the new forks etc and she got a clean because she was a filthy bitch from riding in the wet last time.... but best of all, she came home with us tonight and is now snuggled up next to my Hornet, lucky they are both gurls!!!
So just got to get her front brakes sorted, a fork brace and front mud guard and she's ready for next Sunday's first round of the Bitches and Babes On Buckets competition.... Norf Welly Massif represent!!! (Oh and, Go Pammy you lovely bitch!!)

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  1. Number One's Avatar
    Go my Norf Welly Massif sista!
  2. Trudes's Avatar
    Hell yeah!!! We're gonna kick those hoes from otha parts of the hood's big black arses!! Mutha flippin! lol