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Continental Tyres

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Got a new rear tyre fitted to Qkkid's ZX10R. The last one was that rooted the canvas was poking through. Went down to Motohouse (Saturn Pl, Albany) John did us a deal, got the tyre fitted on the bike all for $285. It's a Sport-Attack very similar grade to Pilot Powers so it will be interesting to see if they go the same distance. Once the front tyre gets down a bit more we'll put one on there........

Qkkid will be testing/scrubbing in the new tyre tonight on the ATNR so I'll let you know what he thinks of it........

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  1. simonnn's Avatar
    I tried thes ebut went back to Powers.

    High speed stability is poor with the Contis and they dont have the same grip and wear as the Powers.

    I guess thats why you dont see any Contis in Moto GP.