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The List

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I am sitting here looking at "The List". If you have no idea what I am on about, then you are one of the blessed ones. The rest of us mortals have one somewhere. On the puter, typed up and in the drawer, written in to the diary. Or as the motivational speakers will tell you to do: On the wall in big letters so you can see it and focus on the tasks. It then apperently becomes part of your subconcious and you will automatically get the things done.

More about that later. But I have for many years had a list. When I started my own business many years ago it became a must to be able to plan the day and the weeks. I had a A4 diary with a page for each day where all that needed to be done was written. It helped to compensate for my crappy memory. I also used to prioritise all that was there. From AAA's to D's. Where D's were things I wanted to do, but were not urgent or even important. I then would reward my self. When I had completed 5 of the most urgent ones I could pick one of the D's as a reward. It did work well.

When my marriage fell apart I did a List on a spreadsheet on the puter. It had all and everything that needed to be done. Then when the small ones were in bed and it got quiet and I found my self sitting down contemplating the road my life had taken and I would feel a sadness come over me, I would get up, check the List for a task that would not take more then 1/2 hour, that was hands on and that I when it was done could see a result. It could be hanging up pictures, moving furniture, reparing something that had been broken and annoying for a while etc. I then got stuck in and inside 1/2 hour I could see something I was proud of, something I had created with my hands. I figured that to sit down feeling sorry for my self was a waste of energy when I could use the same energy to do something that would make mee feel proud of my self. In the beginning I really had to grab my self by the collar to get started. But after a while it became second nature and my sadness over where it all had gone started to fade. I was not spending time thinking about it. It was nothing I could affect at this stage anymore anyhow. I would say that "The List" made a big difference in how fast I got back on track then.

That is now a few years ago. But I have always had a list. Now the List serves a different purpose. I now have a OK income, things are running smoothly (well, sort of...) and now the list is filled with things I want to do. Very few "have to do's" anymore. And it has heaps of bike related stuff. Mainly fix this or change that. Also the customising ones. Stuff that does not have to be done ASAP. Stuff that nobody suffers from if not done. And so they are left undone. Sadly.

So I am today taking a leaf out of the motivational speakers book. I am putting together a list with the stuff I really would like to get done. And I am pinning it on the wall. In 3 places in my home. So I can see it all the time. First thing I see when I wake up. Last thing I see when turning off the light.

And will this work? I think so. I believe in "The List". It has done wonders for me in the past and I don't think it will fail now either.

Top of the list is 2 things I will get started with:
- Get my oldest boys NV400 back on the road.
- Fix up that small 90cc for my youngest one.

Even writing about it on here gets me enthusiastic.

I also have an entry there stating: - No more projects before all on here are done...Sometimes I just crack my self up.

Lets see what happens...

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  1. KoroJ's Avatar
    Good on ya Sport!!
  2. Redan's Avatar
    God writing! There is a lot of feeling's in those words!
    I update my list every day, but that is only work related and not "life" related!
    I think i will start with that today.