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Selected ponderings from my life

Knowledge and what to do with it.

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A few weekends ago a young chap came around with his 2-stroke bike as his knowledge was not enough to sort out some of the stuff. I liked to be able to help. And he seemend very pleased with what I was able to contribute.

I did nothing that he would not have been able to do himself. A very intelligent chap. I recon it was more to have someone there who had done it before and was not scared to open a motor. Next time he will be able to do it himself. But if not, then I be happy to help again.

Where this is going is the knowledge we have and we are able to hand down. We often think that what we know is not that much. But imagine if you, when you were young, would have had someone with the knowledge you have now, that would have been there for you.

OK, so some of us had someone. But not all of us. I had nobody, I had to learn by my own mistakes.

When I am with my boys and I teach them something, and then a little later I hear them copying what I said, boy am I proud! Proud that they trust me so much that they take what I say as gospel. But it also makes me realise the responsibility I have. To only tell them things that I know are right. Not opinions or my views.

A little time ago one of my boys asked when I would die. I told them that if I ever got sick and there was no way out, then I would ride off a high cliff with my bike. I said that more as a joke (even if I am serious, if I get a disease that can not be cured and I am given a time, when I get to a stage that living is no fun, then I will ride over a cliff) but I misjudged the way they took it. We have now been talking about it again and I have promised to be around untl they have enough of me. But it just goes to show how the young ones take in what you say.

So back to the young chap and his 2-stroke. I have promised to true up his frontwheel, or even to re-spoke it if need be. Why? Because he wants to learn and I have the knowledge.

What a nice feeling, to have some knowledge you can pass on.

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