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Motorcycling in Phuket (Pt 1)

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We spent a week in Phuket recently and that was a bit if an eye opener.

On the night we arrived, I was gobsmacked as we were driven to our resort at Patong Beach (about 40 minutes) and small bikes and scooters were passing us on both sides, and vice versa. Then at one point, a bike passed us on the inside, then continued to pass the vehicle in front of us as they negotiated a right hander. My heart was in my throat because the road was quite narrow and twisty, with no verge and a drop off into jungle.....but all was good!! By the end of the week it was all, 'She'll be right!'

Over the period we were there, I didn't bother to take my life in my hands and hire a bike, but I did manage to take quite a few pix, which tend to highlight how bikes rule in Thailand??.....well not really bikes......let's say scooters and stepthru's!!

There are so many, I think they have their own gods and worship centres.

…and they carry monks.

…who are trendy and also use mobiles.

It looks like helmets and gloves aren't required.......but it also appears that 'The Powers That Be' might be trying to change that? (It was hardcase one night we were out because a lady turned up at the market and she must have rushed out of the house while cooking dinner, because she still had her oven mits on!!!)

Domestic use extends to the whole family.....all at once. I even witnessed dad riding one handed as he carried the 3 month old while mum carried the 1 yr old on the back.

....and even the round-eyes are into it!

Some ladies prefer side-saddle....maybe it's more styley?

Others prefer to bring all the kids in the sidecar.

They are handy to fetch the groceries and since they don't have saddle-bags like every good ST, they just take the flatties or neighbours to carry the stuff home.

...or maybe you just want to get the banana tree home?

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  1. Gremlin's Avatar
    Yay, you got the pics working!
  2. jonnyk5614's Avatar
    Try Viet Nam mate!