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So I got my ARROWS done - Defiantly louder than before, still getting my head around the sound. Dunno if its just me but I feel it does sound a bit 'tinny' - the fact that the guts is missing may have something to do with that......... However it has a significant 'Roar' over 7,000. Very nice, me likey.

One thing I have really noticed is a slight increase of lower RPM torque. It revs more freely and the front wheel is feeling a bit lighter than ever before on traffic-light launches.

There is one thing to consider if you decide to de-baffle your pipes on a R1 (2004 - 2006). Make sure that the pipes aren't going to overheat and melt any of your plastic fairings. Take into consideration that when the packing is taken out, the hot exhaust gases expand throughout the whole pipe and are not absorb by the packing/directed out through the pipe, so the pipe does get very hot...

And yeah, I was lucky. No melting Ive tested mine to 98Degrees with no immediate stickiness to the plastic or the paint. So far so good. Now where did I leave those earplugs?

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