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What is Kiwi Biker?

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A club? No.

KB is an online resource for NZ biker groups/individuals to do what they need to do. A central point of communication for organization, info and just talking shit. Although we have many of the trappings of a club, we will never be one. The problem I have with clubs is that they infer the inclusion of some, for the exclusion of others. KB is for anyone who is into two wheels and an engine between their legs.

For those that wish to behave in a club manner, thatís fine. We have shirts, stickers, patches and a flag to make you feel part of a group, but the site will only be that, just a site.

For those who donít want to be associated with KB, but just use it as a place to keep in touch with other bikers and events, then they shouldnít feel the need to be part of a club and itís rules for offsite behaviour.

KB will always help in any way it can to organize and advertise events, but the responsibility for the event remains solely with the organizers. Anyone who wishes to use the Kiwi Biker name for large events, ask for permission so we can make sure the organizers are responsible people.

Kiwi Biker is here to help your offsite activities, not control them.

Also know that Kiwi Biker is not a site about motorcycles, but is a site for motorcyclists, and what ever they want to talk about. It is the social networking site for Kiwi Bikers.

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