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Mike Hyde -Twisting Throttle- TT2000, Sad news

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It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you all that Mike Hyde passed away on the 3rd of Aug 2015 after losing his fight a brain tumor. He will be dearly missed by his wife and two children plus his extended family. As well and many friends around the world.

Ride on Mike ride on.
You do the book on the next routes Mike and we will follow.

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  1. Waihou Thumper's Avatar

    Mike, your spirit lives on....I was so fortunate to buy your bike from you last December. I will treasure it and the three books I have to read at every rest stop...
    It is indeed sad and I wish to convey my thoughts and prayers to the family on this sad occasion.
    Ride on, your words and sense of humour is with me every time I sit on the saddle....
    Mark....Waihou Thumper

  2. banditrider's Avatar
    Terrible news! Thank you for your books and organising some fantastic rides Mike! You'll be missed by many of us!
  3. ccapse's Avatar
    Very sad news. Never met Mike but had several email contacts. I couldn't make my first TT2000 in 2014 after a major accident 3 weeks before the start. Advised Mike of my withdrawal and he cheerfully refunded my entry fee and gave me a t-shirt anyway. My friend managed to get his autograph for me on a copy of Twisting Throttle NZ which rounded out the 3 book set for me. Had hoped to meet Mike this year when I finally completed a TT2000 but he was incapacitated as you all know. And now he is gone. Ironic to think that after all the miles he did it was the big C that took him out. Will be sorely missed by many riders all over the world. RIP Mike. Cheers and Thanks.
  4. 10bikekid's Avatar
    Read His books and conversed by email, sad news. Prayers go out to his family at this difficult time
  5. eldog's Avatar
    Twisting Throttle,
    Its my inspiration to travel around NZ and abroad. Everytime i open it to plan my next trip i laugh. The writing is so witty and fun. Often i will reread the same page and chuckle. Informative and often offbeat never a dull moment.

    A tragic loss. There arent many with that sort of humour. Each time i ride one of your routes i will think of you and your comments. RIDE ON.
  6. thedon's Avatar
    The world will be a much poorer place without you Mike. Good to meet you and become "platinum customers".
    Ride On !!!!