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Review: RJAY's "Stout" touring jacket.

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Being a larger guy, with a mag wheel and a long torso I find it REALLY hard to find a decent jacket. I had been using a CNELL jacket which fitted, but I "outgrew" it. Then I had a revit, which was WAY too short (no one wants to see my gut hanging out - and it was hellish uncomfortable).

So I went to cycletreads to try on a bunch of jackets and get a better fit. I was looking for a dririder, but there was none. There were ICON and various other jackets in large sizes, which fitted, but were too short.

Eventually tried on this RJAYs stout. Effectively its an XL with a multiple XL ummm... waist. Lets call it a spare tyre warmer. Got the biggest one I could fine, threw it on.. it was a bit "stiff" but had HEAPS of room. Did it all up and did the squat test.. comfy. Got permission from the bank manager and bought it.

Next day I went out for a ride with the boys. It was quite cold, so I left the thermal liner in. Toasty. Comfy. Cuffs big enough to go around the outside of my gauntlets if its raining, small enough to go inside if its not. Long enough so my gut doesnt hang out too much, but small enough so that when I am leaning forward there is no undue pressure.

It rained a bit and the waterproofing worked. Took out the thermal after awhile and was impressed that it was still warm. It has heaps of pockets, including a large zip up on the back (like a bicyclists one). Decent chunky zips.. quite a few zip up pockets with clip down flaps on top.

The huge plus is that it has one zip. Its easy to get on and off. The revit I have has many zips and dangly annoying things. The thermal liner zips in and out and it has the fasteners on the sleeve, unlike the revit which has them in the jacket, so when you remove the liners you still have these dangly fasteners hanging out. Brilliant.

Its super comfy... the armor on the back sticks into you a little when you stand up - not painful, you just notice its there - but it disappears while riding. It has heaps of vents for summer. I now enjoy riding again. My bike handles better and goes faster and no longer tires me out and hurts my back. Thanks RJAYS.

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