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We had the annual mid-winter karting extravaganza last weekend and as usual, it was a blast.

As per usual, we raced at the Nth City Indoor Raceway in Elsdon, which isn’t the flashest venue with the latest karts, but it does provide a competitive drive with lots of slip-sliding, passing and is a real hoot.

We ended up with 10 combatants (5 teams) on an extremely slippery track thanks to a kart shitting itself within the last week and depositing the contents of its crankcase on the track.

That changed the whole game as it was a fine line between too fast and spinning out, or too slow with no braking or steerage (it seemed that a bit of power was required to get the arse out and the nose around). It also meant there were very few passing opportunities…unless the likes of Dave Kerr would pull aside and grin one through!!! He must have been sick because I assumed he was setting me up….but he wasn’t ….but the silly prick let Rick past as well!! (and they ended up winning).

Four of us had Senas so there was a little chatter ….although the only noticeable thing was ChrisD squealing like a stuck pig when somebody passed him under yellow or red (probably Dave) and it was probably handy if one had their partner on the line (like Chris and Trev) as one could then get updates and urges ….like I’m sure I passed Rick twice but they still beat us!! ….Not that I’m a sore loser or anything ….I’ll rest easy that our 22second deficiency was due to Warwick requesting a driver change and forgetting to put his helmet back on and costing us in the region of 35 secs!! …not that me spinning out (for no reason at all) on my 2nd lap cost us anything. In fact I must commend Rick as he (the prick) bounced back from me passing him late on the back straight to scoot through on the inside through the sweeper!!! …Bastard!

What really took the cake though, and proved what a true gentleman he is, was when Rick was being pushed hard, he clipped the tyres and spun out blocking the lane, he actually pulled into the layby he had created to let us pass!!?? I don’t know about me, but I’m absolutely certain that, under the same circumstances, Dave K would have behaved like a true arsehole and just sat there until the marshall flipped him!?

Come the end of 80 laps, Warwick & I ended up 2nd, behind Gerard & Rick, so we obviously lucked-in with the kart we ended up in as I ended up clocking the fastest lap in the last segment when I ended up with a clear run.

Talking to the staff afterwards, the place went into liquidation about a month ago so the young chap that briefed us, who was a worker there, bought it and changed the name. He started with only four karts, but has subsequently bought engines from the now defunct Revolution at Wingate and they seem to be getting it back together. They were both disappointed and impressed that there were no penalties issued under the circumstances ….which just proves how sick DaveK must have been?

All in all, another pleasant outing ….but it would have been betterer with a few more bods. 10 would be the minimum and we did ask if we should combat individually, but they didn’t have 10 working karts. Bring it on for next year.

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  1. eldog's Avatar
    Good read.
    I went there a few years ago with a bus load of Hoons and was recently thinking about going again at Xmas.

    Had a great time myself racing and learning to slide (it was my first time on a kart, haven't been again).

    Its great to have even karts so it's just drivers ability that makes a difference.

    Even though I enjoyed it, I did wonder how they made any money.

    pretty sure we didn't do 80 laps seemed more like 30 minutes.