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2016 In Review

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Itís been an odd year. I donít feel like Iíve done much riding due to weather and work, but the reality is that Iíve done few rides but a reasonable amount of Km.

The year started with a 1,000 miler (1600 Km with Gray -! )

Followed up with the biggest ride of my life in March, ( ) where I rode from Wellington to Cape Reinga and return being 2300Km in 27Ĺ hours. Probably pretty dumb, but quite cool to be able to say, Ďbeen there, done thatí!!

The rest of the year was generally more of the same old routine which included Coneheads (carpark stuff), a couple of trips to Aus, The North Island 1600 event in October, which included the new NI800 ride (which I pre-rode here: ). The event was a big success and if the feedback is anything to go by, it should get even bigger next year? I then finished off the year with the usual 1,000 Km Cruise, Muscular Dystrophy ride, and visit to the Tron. So some great rides this year.

Downer for the year was not being able to participate in the TT2000 due to an inconsiderate nephew getting married that weekend, but having said that, Iím not planning to do it next year either (but no real reason for that). Otherwise, just the general poor weather and subsequent lack of just getting out on the bike.

I continue to enjoy the ST1300, so no plans to change that, but we did buy a Jap Import E350 Merc this year and thatís a nice drive. Otherwise, same olí, same olí and more of the same expected for 2017.

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