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2017 - 1st Up

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After getting back from Hamilton I had to drop the bike in for its 96,000 Km service ...even if it was a little late at 97,500 Km. That was an easy way to blow $600+ with a new air-cleaner, plugs etc, etc and although I'd bought a new front, expecting to fit it, that's still got a couple of thousand Km in it and the relatively new rear (5,000 Km) is looking worse ...but only on the sides thanks to some hard cornering on great roads.

With that done and a nice Saturday I figured I hadn't seen my mum, so a squirt over the hill was in order, but it turned out that I was on babysitting duties for the moko, if one still calls it that for a young lady that is a few weeks short of 13 and stands at about 5' 7"??

No worries. I did some chores then picked her up from the salon and took her to Thorndon to buy new school uniforms for her first year of high school, then took her home to see how she fitted some of the spare bike gear, ...just perfec'. With her outfitted, I transferred a Sena unit to the helmet she needed and we were on our way after a short brief on options and protocols.

I expected not to even notice she was on the back, but as I stated, she is about 5' 7" and I was aware of any shift of her weight, so a little more wariness was required as we took to the hill ...and made good progress.

Soon enough we were in Masterton, had our visit, then decided to carry on to see my sisters out at Riversdale and that was another nice wee pootle, followed by more chewing of the fat, dinner and eventually getting away a bit after 1900.

The return trip was even better with just the single gearing up and little traffic, so I was able to maintain a steady, semi-brisk pace within the tolerable limits, so once again, we made good progress, getting home before 2100, stripped off, traded the ST for the Merc and took moko and uniforms home to her place.

I guess one could say that, first ride for the New Year has been chalked up and Koroly duty has been done ...but wait, there's more!

Now this kid has been known to display some adrenalin-junky tendencies when at theme parks with the requirement that I end up having to go on rides I'm not that fussed about, so I wasn't too sure how the day would go and, on this occasion, I didn't get a lot of feedback apart from a casual comment to the effect that "we should do this more often." Considering it's been about 5 years since she's been on the back (back in the days of the red). More often could mean anything, but the next day I'm chatting to her mum and she advises that after I left, she was told by the kid that she reckoned she was going to get a motorbike!

The mother told her "Like Hell", ....I just smiled to myself.

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