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I was looking a long time for a new commuter, maybe a scooter, but then RedBarron had a special on the XTZ125 with a Ventura topbox @ $3200+ orc

right off the bat, what a fantastic bike for tall riders (i'm 184cm / 90kg) and the Knee/seat position is very relaxed and comfortable, the handlebar height and grip is comfy, all better than my last 3 DRZs that I had raised bars and filed down pegs to lower the footing etc

does 100KPH just but it still in breakin stage, headlight is good / signals are great / dash is all you need / Mirrors are great for broad shoulders no need to offset

front brake is average at best, rear brake is not bad for a drum (think new pads are a good idea for the front)

very light bike, feels like a mountain bike when trying to turn or shift weight over the center balance, funny how light and nimble it is -- super sharp turning circle, 1st gear is low and easy to potter on/offroad -- clutch is very light and easy to leaver out/feather~

suspension is wussy but comfortable, easy to bottom out and a bit bouncy but no complaints when it feels so smooth on the shitty roads around south auckland (fit for purpose)

so really, why buy a GN125 or similar when this deal is around at the moment?

I looked at the XR150L which starts at 4K but I didnt like the tire sizes (19/17) which makes finding tires that are good and cheap hard to do --- the XTZ has standard 21/18 and can slap on any number of great dual sport tires (like MOTOZ etc)

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  1. Scubbo's Avatar
    just a quick update on fuel consumption, currently doing approx 39KM/L or 4.85L for 189KM whilst the engine is still breaking in with a mix of street and higher speed trips from mangere to bombay through the back roads --- Front brake has much improved since hard braking and driving the front wheel through water ! as good as the DRZ's now on a much lighter bike, can't complain.

    also pretty wet round here at the moment

  2. pritch's Avatar
    That looks like a good buy. Enjoy.
  3. Scubbo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pritch
    That looks like a good buy. Enjoy.
    have to say it's a pretty sweet all rounder -- very smooth for a single (comparing to a GN125, a lot less vibration at the top end)

    1100KMs on the bike now, has been left outside at work during these storms and haven't had any rust on the spokes which I was expecting so built materials aren't as shit as they often can be with the small bikes --- keeps up with motorway traffic no probs, though you wont be passing anyone unless they're doing 80

    Yamaha NZ have customized it (and put a shitter front brake on... WHY?!?!) which looks great / poised to replace the AG100 line which would be a bit of a shame tbh but if they cant get road compliance I can understand the move