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The firearm thread

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I'd rather trust the American definition. They have much more experience with them than us.

So a one off event after nearly 30 years ma's shooting free means 250 000 people have to have private property stolen?

Well it's painfully obvious that you know nothing about guns. People like you shouldn't be making decisions about gun laws. Pity they are though.
Why do you suppose the Americans have more expierence on the topic.
And what's the bit I know nothing about?
I know their purpose is to kill stuff, can they do other stuff like cut grass & do washing?
As Jim Jeffries said, the only argument for not banning gun ownership is "fuck off, I like guns"
Go on, click on the link.
Let it flick over to part two at the end.
And they're not going to steal your private property, they proposing a buyback using the tax I pay & im cool with that kind of use of taxpayer money.
Couldn't agree more.

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