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I've arranged the making of the removable end plates today. Priest Sheetmetals will make these as well - I could muck around with a hole cutter, jigsaw and tack weld it, but they have all the gear and will do it 10 x faster than I could in my shed.
These plates will fit into the rear of the cones recessed 15mm so they can be bolted or riveted in place. Each end-plate will have an outlet and internal collar that will slot over the muffler core holding it in position but allowing the removal of all internals for 'noise adjustments' and repacking.

The ends will be finished with a turned alloy ring (hello Dads lathe) that will cover the above plates.

The cones and joining pipes are going to be black, and I'll fabricate a short polished alloy or SS heat shield to cover the joiner.

The total budget for two finished pipes is $400...........

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