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Muffler update

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Well a day off to extend the Queens Birthday weekend has seen some progress on the pipes. Not much as I went for a ride - a cold one it was only 8 degrees!

The cones have their end cap inserts sorted and the outlet pipe has been welded in. These caps will be either riveted or bolted to the main cone. However it's just occurred to me I could arrange 3 internal bolts that would be hidden by the end cap.......hmmm (sounds fiddly!)

You can see in the picture where the core inserts in to the outlet. The inlet is a tight slip fit and the intermediate pipe to the muffler will be a fit to the inner core.
I'll be able to wrap the core in baffling, pack the rest of the cone around it and insert the end plate/outlet ensuring the muffler is well packed.

The small pieces with the rounded ends are the start of decibel reducers and need a small length of 35mm pipe to be welded to them - these are a neat fit inside the outlet and the smaller 35mm pipe will go inside the core. This will quieten it down and add a bit of back-pressure to the straight through system.

The other bits of pipe are: curve - the intermediate pipe will be cut from this as it requires a slight bend to align in the manner I desire. Smaller pipes with flared ends - these slip over the stock Y pipes and will be joined to the above intermediate.

Brackets are required for the cones - these will need to be sorted with the stock pipes off.

Finally there's a cardboard mock-up of the proposed alloy end cap.

Plenty of fiddling to go yet.
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