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Slowly getting there. 11.7.09

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Slowly getting there.
The mounting bracket has been completed for the right side Ive made it so I can use the factory rubber grommets to absorb any vibration and allow a bit of movement.

Brackets take a bit of pissing around with 2 hours went into this one and there is a dud one in the bottom of the rubbish tin!

The left muffler has the joiner and mid pipes fabricated and tack welded together visibly held held on in the pictures with a bungee strap! The bracket for this side will probably frustrat me it will need to be perfect so the outlet aligns with the other side.

I actually went for a spin up and down the drive with it like this on Saturday (I could not resist). Then I pulled them off and put the stock cans back on so I could go for a real ride.

A friend said the other day that hed like to make some but hasnt any flashy tools. I have not used any either my basic tools consist of a hacksaw, grinder, files, hammers, duck tape, marker pen and a metal vice. Ive an arc welder that I use to carefully tack it all together and the finish welding (mig) has been out-sourced as serious arc use on these pipes will blow holes in the metal its OK on low for a quick tacking dab. A mig welder is on my wish list .. sigh.

The panel hammer has been used to roll the edges of the mid pipe to fit the smaller pipe that slips over the stock pipe. This is easy to do by placing a piece of heavy pipe of a smaller diameter in the vice and use this with the hammer to roll the edge of the 50mm pipe. Take your time and you can get a nice smooth finish.

The angle grinder is fitted with a sanding flapper wheel this is excellent for finish trimming and cleaning up welds etc available in different grits, Ive pretty much stuck with a 120 paper as it gives a clean finish.
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  1. nzhind's Avatar
    wow! very nicely done. ive been trying to get some work done on my Katana. i never have the time coz of my business check company. kudos to you though.
  2. CookMySock's Avatar
    Hi Allan. I got a little workshop gasless MIG, and really for exhausts the TIG will do a much nicer job. The MIG is quite hard to control. Go the flapdisk! aren't they great! Steve
  3. CeeJay's Avatar
    Hey dude - Good to see the project progressing - hope you are keeping detailed drawings so I can copy them :-) - I've got a great little MIG with argon that you can borrow but you'll need a 230 volt outlet rated for 15 Amps.