Fat Bikers Motorcycle Club - So what's the story...?

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  1. Fatt Max
    Well, you've eaten the pie, drunk the beer and read the mission statement.

    Welcome one and all to the Fat Bikers Motorcycle Club. Yes indeed people, this is all about having a lardy good time, freedom to eat the road and the ritual burning of Jenny Craig membership leaflets.

    There will be some events lined up for 2011 and I'm looking for numbers to see if we can make this work. I mean, it's time for a giggle I reckon.

    So, whats in the pipeline...

    Well, events on the cards at this point in time are:

    The official FBMC Lunch...oops, sorry, launch....date to be confirmed.

    A rally to Taihape entitled 'Pie Happy in Taihape'

    An annual FMBC race day which will be known as the Gut Bucket Race Event

    Anyone keen, say PIE...!!!
  2. Stirts
  3. Fatt Max
    Thats one.....
  4. yungatart
    Well, i don't really do pies..and I'm not really fat (although fatter than I used to be!)
    I also only drink European beers, not that crap they brew here in NZ, but I do know how to have fun, and I know a fat biker or 3 so if you still want me, I'm in!
  5. Fatt Max
    Tarty, this group simply cannot exist without you mate, you are in like le chien de la robber......if you know what I mean......oops, wrong thread....
  6. kevfromcoro
    Iam not fat either.....
    How was the trip up the coro max?...
    Hope those pig hunters didnt get hold of ya....
  7. Fatt Max
    You aint escaping either Kev. Trip was great matey. Came back to Auckland this morning, left at 5.30am and witnessed the most amazing sunrise at the top of the range. Then it was free road all the way into Auckland. Great run and the bike loved it.
  8. Stirts
    I wear my fat on the inside
  9. Fatt Max
    Nice one Stirts, you've got it in one.....

    Actually, when I am asked what it feels like to be a fat bastard, I simply tell them that I am not, I just have an incredibly thick skin...

    No, thats bollocks actually, I am a fat bastard...
  10. yungatart
    Yep, max you are...but very cuddly and loveable with it...eww! Think that was my outside voice!
  11. Fatt Max
    I honestly think that was your '15th Gin and Tonic' voice myself....
  12. MadDuck
    So when is the next/first "Pie Run"
  13. caseye
    I clicked on the little button wot said i can join.
    How fat do ya have to bee?
    Love the idea mate an couldn't let you have all the fun on yer todd so ear I yam.
    Done it.
    te he eh , sound familiar?
    JeeZ, almost didn't see ya there MD, yeah Mr FaTT Bastard when is it then, aye aye?
  14. yungatart
    I don't do Gin either...revolting stuff!
    Caseye...you don't have to be very fat...I'm here!
  15. Fatt Max
    Well, I shall be organising something for the official launch over the nect couple of weeks. It will be a very rotund affair and everyone is welcome. There will be pastry, there will be fillings (and I dont mean the dental kind) and hopefully a few bikers.

    I have a few ideas to include the whole country in what will be known as the FBMC Official Lunch......you will need your bike, a pie and a camera

    I'll keep you posted

    Cas, thanks for joining mate, I am glad to announce that the sex has arrived....

    Tarty, me and you seriously need to talk

    MadDuck, you are very keen to join the blobbys, you are never too tall to be a blobby
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